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The Piezosurgery Unit utilizes a patented, controlled three-dimensional ultrasonic vibration, which precisely cuts bone, but does not penetrate soft tissue (i.e. sinus membranes, gingival or soft nerve tissue). As such, it is ideal for sensitive areas (i.e. sinus lifts and alveolar ridge augmentation). The following are some of its advantages:

  • Hard tissue incisions are more precise because of micro vibrations.
  • It is safer because the ultrasonic frequency used does not cut soft tissue.
  • The cutting action is less invasive, producing less collateral tissue damage, which results in faster healing.

Other advantages include:

  • Sterile water environment for better asepsis (free from contamination).
  • Minimal bur or saw noise.
  • Lower healing times and less post operative discomfort.

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